Dennis’s Champion Statement

From the moment I had the first pick in the draft, I knew that I would be winning the Ghetto League Trophy for a second time by year’s end.  Little did I know that come playoff time, I would be relying on such fantasy stalwarts as Jordan Todman and Marvin Jones to lead my Hebrews to the promised land.  It took crafty trades, slick waiver wire pickups, and a big help from my fantasy MVP – Ralf’s team – for whom without, James Brown would likely be hoisting his 2nd trophy (and subsequently damaging it).  It saddens me, that this will be the final nail in the coffin for a departed ghetto leaguer, Mr. Eggard C’hantatori, as he will no longer be around to drive my intensity in both writing songs and “Beating Egg’s Team”.  I will not disgrace this trophy by damaging it (James Brown), having it stolen from me (Joeyburger), cleaning the floor of someone else’s apartment using the trophy to hold a Swiffer?? (Joeyburger), taking it out of New Jersey (Nicho), sharing the trophy with a puppet manager (Pep), nor disappearing for an entire year (Dave-O). Thank you to all my supporters – the Jets Defense, Matt Stafford, Josh McCown, and of course Ralf’s team – for whom without I would not have been able to win the trophy with one the lowest winning scores in the history of the league.  (James Brown holds that record with a 96.28 winning score in 2010)

The Champ’s Song – And the Winner of the Ghetto League is…

Notable Championship Worthy Trade – Gave up Knowshon Moreno for Cam Newton and Anquan Boldin at the deadline

Notable Victories:
Jewton Fig Newton beats Tucker/Ralph for MVP         97.94 – 78.47      Ghetto Bowl
Jewton Fig Newton beats Pep’s Replacement            109.52 – 89.62     Semifinal
Jewton Fig Newton beats Domincan York                   104.46 – 102.16   Regular Season