Once Upon a time..

The origination of the leagues dates around 2004.  It was originally known as "The Burnisher League" named after a popular cleaning machine and at the time Halo Clan.  James Brown was the commissioner and the league was composed of 50% of his family.  The league started out as a 14-man league.  Of the current members of our league only James Brown, Dave, Bacon, T$, and Joeyburger (who took 2nd) are the only ones left.

In 2005 the league had grown to a 16-man league and more importantly had introduced the  name that it currently holds so well "The Ghetto League".  This year also introduced two new members of our league.  Egg and PeP.  PeP would wind up leaving only to come back in 2009.

In 2006 considered by many to be the official start of "The Ghetto League" as we know it.  This could be due to the fact that this was the first year we introduced a live-draft.  Our first draft was held in the Meadowlands until it was broken up by the cops and then moved to the Hickey household basement.  This is the first year we moved into a 10-man league as well with the removal of 90% of James Brown's family.  Only Eddie (Cookie Monsters) was left.  This was also the first year to introduce league fees.  This is the year JoeyBurger had won his first superbowl championship as well.

The league was incorporated under a new owner in 2007.  Ending the long reign of former owner James Brown.  With this promotion to new owner and commissioner T-Money took over the league.  We also had our first year with Vito as he was introduced to the league.  Although this was our smallest league with a total of 8 members.  It helped mold who would be the core of our league.  Twas was also the year that Dave won his first superbowl.  Although not as impressive considering it was an 8-man league it was still important to the history of the league.   Due to growing fees Bryan and Eddie were forced to share an entry of $10 dollars each.

In 2008 we had our third live-draft which took place at Buffalo Wild Wings.  The place offered possibly the greatest and worst deal ever made by a company.  $50 dollars to whomever held a live-fantasy football draft.  This promotion in their eyes sounded great but they also forgot they had a dollar beer promotion going during the same day as well as .25cent wings.  Among the 10 members of our league I don't believe anyone spent over 10 dollars after our $50 dollar discount.  In 2008 we introduced Dennis to the league and welcomed back PeP who would go on to get his first superbowl championship.  Pep's name and legacy was hurt as he was also considered to be involved in receiving advice and by another member of the league Dennis Swiedo.  This was also capped off by Egg purchasing what would now be known as the official "Ghetto League Trophy".

2009 was an important year for The Ghetto League as we had our first repeat winner.  Dave-o took over as the first Ghetto League Champion to ever win two superbowls since the league became a live-draft/fee league.  Prior to that only the Panty Raiders had done this, a member of the 2005/2006 league.  Nick had graced his presence this year. 2009 was also very memorable for we had a large argument that spawned from the famous bet of 09.  You can still hear kids whispering about it in the hallways.   For the sake of those involved I will not post anymore information.   This was not the only large argument that happened that year.  This is also the year that Joey and Jimmy threatened to unleash Oscar fish upon PeP and Dennis' fish tank.  Apparently the stakes were higher this year and the emotions were running wild. Even the Hickey brothers were wrongly accused of collusion finishing the regular season in both 1st and 2nd place.

James Brown.... James Brown... 2010 was the introduction of the leagues "Worst Champion Ever".  A name bestowed upon James Brown (the originator of the Ghetto League) due to his inability to preserve and take care of the face of the Ghetto League.  It's trophy, it's shiva.  The prize that many before him had the privilege of mounting as a treasure for all visitors of their homes to admire.   Sadly in 2010 we lost a member of our group Vito but he was quickly replaced by Vito's Replacement better known as Min 'LOL (tm)'.  A member who in his rookie year posted an impressive 100-waiver pick-up performance.  A number that was never before even thought to be possible.  As in the previous season the collusion claims for the Hickey Brother's grew tremendously.  The two had noticed what is possibly the greatest loop-hole that 'could have been' in fantasy football history.  In a year with the tightest playoff race ever.  Joe and Tony noticed on week 13 that a record higher than 7-6 would guarantee a playoff berth.  Both of them were at 7-5, a position shared by most of the league.  They noticed that by benching their teams they could guarantee a team with less than 6 wins thus guaranteeing not only a playoff berth but two bye weeks.  Had it not been for the integrity of the commish or the importance of friendship to Joey this might have went down.  For now it will forever be known as the greatest could have been story.

This brings us to 2011.  Another year where JoeyBurger reigned supreme.  A year that brought in the man we have grown to love Domincan York aka Rafael. Through a beautiful powerpoint presentation the league had also agreed to move back to a 12-man roster.  Allowing Vito back into the league.  Joey had also introduced his first 'ghetto league plan' with the bar point system.  Although a beautiful year of bar participation, most posts in league history, and for the first time ever what would lead to the exact members moving from one year to the next.  This year was brought to a shameful end.  Where members Bacon and PeP with a few other affiliates/minions plotted against the league and stole the trophy from a superbowl winner.  Actually a two-time superbowl winner.  A man who had spent many hours putting together many things for the satisfaction of the league itself and it's members. Thankfully through much help from other members in the league and an important re-enactment video produced by Dave, Egg, Joey, and Lauren we were able to recover the trophy and bring justice back to the league.  Was PeP bitter about losing in the superbowl to Joey? Was Bacon angry about another year not in the playoffs?  Questions that might never been answered but thankfully they were punished the following year by another missed playoff opportunity.

2012... is history in the making already starting off with a bang thanks to JoeyBurger's newest adventure "The Ghetto League Travel Plan"